01. Discover

We'll perform a comprehensive industry, company and competitive review. We want to build upon what you already know, not duplicate it. 

02. Define

We’ll prioritize research objectives by fleshing out the business issue and how results will be used.

03. Design

We’ll design a customized research plan based upon objectives, schedule, budget, target audience, and topic.

04. Do

This is where all our planning comes to fruition!  It includes data collection, analysis, and the summary of findings.

05. Disseminate

We’ll facilitate an interactive work session with stakeholders to review insights, implications, and next steps.



Qualitative Research

Qualitative research provides context to bring data to life. Focus groups, 1:1 interviews and ethnographies can be useful for understanding people’s needs, testing concepts and identifying the real issues at play. Previous audiences include:

  • Affluent credit card consumers
  • Business and leisure travelers
  • College alumni and students
  • Hotel franchisees
  • LGBTQ community
  • Physicians and patients
  • Small business owners
  • Video, internet and phone subscribers (residential and business)

Quantitative Research

When the objectives require quantification, such as determining the incidence of certain behaviors or comparing the views of multiple target audiences, Waldman Research will design and field a structured survey. Examples of past work include:

  • Brand positioning
  • Concept testing
  • Customer needs assessment
  • ​Customer segmentation
  • NPS
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Price elasticity
  • Product development

Analytic Summaries

Improve the ROI of previous research by having Waldman Research synthesize your internal transactional data, syndicated reports and/or ad hoc proprietary findings into one holistic story that can be socialized within your organization.